VG Test

VG Test

We are Indian partners of 3QBD - A breakthrough technology for Women's Health

3QBD provides professionals with a 60 second cost effective diagnostic tool for a Quick, Qualified & Quality diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis.

The unique VG-Test diagnostic solution, solves a problem affecting countless women worldwide. The solution enhances gynecologists ability to accurately diagnose the most common, sometimes asymptomatic, bacterial vaginal infection within 60 seconds. Especially relevant in pregnancy.

The VG-Test is CE marked for diagnosing the most common vaginal infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, Candidiasis and Trichomoniasis.

3QBD veterinary application, "V-Test", has started a pilot study to detect cancer diseases in companion animals a the veterinary hospital affiliated to the "Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem". This pilot study checks as well which body fluid is most suitable for screening.

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