Encapsulation Machine For R&D Purposes

  • Customised systems for R & D Purposes.
  • Fully Automatic / Semi Automatic / Manual Systems
  • Servo based / Pneumatic based systems.
  • Jigs for different sizes of glass substrates.

LED UV Curing Systems

LED UV systems offer great advantage over lamp systems for applications that suit to it. The single wavelength selected and lower power consumed by LED system does limit how and where it can successfully be used, however instant switching for precise timing and better power control meets many R&D and industrial requirement.

  • High Durability and lasts > 20,000 Hrs.
  • Controller has a small form factor and can independently control multiple heads.
  • Last much longer than lamps, leading to less continuous replacement, making it more cost effective.
  • Contain no mercury and consume less power ("green") Instant ON/OFF.
  • Small control box and more flexible heads (vs. fiber liquid light guides).
  • Narrow wavelength which is great for applications that don't require additional wavelengths.