Since we emphasize on expertise of globe trotters of varied industry, we have been able to guide various manufacturing and design processes in industry to economize and technically upgrade business as a whole.


It has been our privilege to employ our skills in the field of trading both within the borders and across, facilitating trading between businesses of different geographical characteristics especially where engineering has become a challenge to cut down cost. We have successfully suggested alternatives wherein the cost has been reduced up to the extent of 30%.
Business Partner - Shanghai Biwin Co., Ltd.



All business processes have been successfully taken care of over a defined period of time through AMC.

Training session

wherever needed a technical knowhow and exclusive technical trainings are imparted to individuals and organizations, specific needs of clients are also addressed by our rich resources on demand.

we emphasize on imparting knowledge to the extent where workforce act as part of the system integrated to the organizational and personal growth.

Training sessions to various Engineering and Management colleges are provided specially in the field of Innovation Management and Nano Technology.

Training Session
Web Solution

Web Solutions

We have IT partners for software re-seller.

GFI LanGuard - GFI LanGuard helps you with: Patch management, Vulnerability assessment, Network auditing management, Compliance, BYOD reporting, Network discovery, Third-party software rollout, Port scanning.

Elcomsoft Co. Ltd. - the company maintains the complete range of mobile and computer forensic tools, corporate security and IT audit products.